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Innovative Products


Next generation, internet age commerce solution.  It bridges the interoperation gap of ecommerce, bricks-and-mortar shops and online/mobile consumers in a single easy to manage, full featured commerce ecosystem


User friendly interface, full featured mass email marking platform, let marketers craft unique content for target audience. Marketers no longer have to worry about missing an opportunity or having extra workload.

Interactive Parental Platform

Delivers unparalleled value to our customers–educators, schools, districts, and parents–as we work toward creating a better generation of lifelong learners in a safe, controlled environment.

P2P IPTV Platform

Next generation P2P highly scalable live streaming platform.  Support mobile, web, tvbox multiple platform devices.

Cloud & Web Hosting

Hkmob offers best price and reliable website hosting and cloud services.

Doctor On Demand

Receive professional medical advise and consulting service any time and any where at a cost you can afford.  No waiting, demand a specialist without general physician referral, you are free to see whoever as you please.


System & Embedded Applications

Embedded Systems and Solutions provides Systems, Software and Firmware development and verification services for high integrity applications, where system integrity is essential and compliance to industry standards is a must.

eCommerce & Retail

Enable you to process transactions and deliver great customer service in even the most demanding high-volume environments, without any loss of quality and performance at the point of sale.   Manage your brick-and-mortar shop and ecommerce in one single easy to use system.

Mobile Apps & Games

Mobile application development is an incredible resource for your already existing infrastructure and can be a great addition to your company. It allows you to stay ahead of your competitors and can even increase your lead generation tactics or brand recognition. We turn creative ideas into unique and effective mobile app features.

Websites & Applications

Whether it is website design, custom coding or multimedia, we know the importance of web presence.  Every website we create is unique, classy, and visually appealing according to our client’s requirement.

Cloud Hosting & Dedicated Servers

HKMOB has simplified the delivery and management of ICT infrastructure and made it more flexible. You choose the infrastructure you need, choose the location and then decide what level of support and management you want and we deliver that to you as and when your business needs it.

IT Planning & Supports

HKMOB help our clients design a systematic IT planning process that provides the connection between strategy development, business planning, and execution.

Why Us


HKMOB is here to help you stay ahead of changing regulations.


We offer expertise and custom support across the loan lifecycle.


Innovative technology paired with top talent for maximum results.

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